Smarter contracting will free up your time
to ensure improved patient care results

Verifiable Contract for Healthcare

In order to contract more effectively, automate administrative tasks and achieve unparalleled efficiency in terms of lower costs, fewer compliance issues, even fewer disputes and disruptions of care, stakeholders from across the value chain, including managed care companies, legal counsel, compliance and risk management professionals, finance teams and the supply chain and vendors, can come together on a single platform.

To guarantee compliance with the joint commission, CMS, DHH, HIPAA/HITECH and other applicable laws and regulations including GCP and GDPR, have total insight into the contract portfolio

Monitor contractual obligations, key performance indicators, milestones, renewal and expirations dates and more through a single pane of glass

Keep a close eye on the relationships between suppliers and subcontractors to maintain visibility into and strict control over the contractual chain

Discover hidden risk aspects in contracts, evaluate potential effects and take remedial action using data-driven insights