Public Sector

Smarter contracting will increase taxpayer value

Verifiable Contract for Public Sector

Government departments must digitize their current contracts, verify that contractual SOPs are followed, use historical and benchmarking data to tighten risk controls and use this information to drive future negotiations in order to centralize and rigorize the contracting practice. In order to enable everyone to contract more intelligently, enhance the governance of current agreements and guarantee complete responsibility and transparency for every cent spent with tax payer money, public sectors may go one step further by mining their portfolio for intelligence.

Discover hidden risk aspects in contracts, evaluate potential effects and take remedial action using data-driven insights

Utilize expenditure data to track renewals, keep an eye on risks and find potential for cost reductions and supplier consolidation

To search, retrieve and query your contracts at anytime, anywhere and to gain a comprehensive picture of your supplier base, digitize historical contracts

To assist non-specialists in creating risk-free, standardized contracts with enterprise-approved provisions and templates, enable self-service authoring with guided questioning