Verifiable Contract

The simpler, smarter way to manage
all your contracts.

Entire Contract Lifecycle Management
Experience on One Platform

Smarter and more secure contracts are found in verifiable contracts. Automate the whole contract lifecycle for every single corporate contracts, including those for sales and procurement.

Real-time contract information provides unmatched confidence and collaboration across the contractual lifecycle by facilitating communication with all corporate departments.

Better Business Outcomes

Unlock the real worth of your business collaborations by overcoming functional silos, combining each stage of the contract lifecycle and enhancing interaction

Enhanced Visibility

Through an access-controlled cloud repository, make contracts and the business insights they contain easily accessible at any time

Reduced Risk Exposure

Reduce risk at each stage, from making sure the contract’s terms and procedures are followed to keeping an eye on the performance of its obligations

Smart Technologies that Expedite your Journey throughout Contract Lifecycle Management

Dynamic and Conditional
Flow Creations

  • Dynamic template creation with feature of adding conditional operators
  • Dynamic workflow support to be used for different parties at same time
  • Content parameterization


  • Contract creation with the facilities of QR code for verification of contract
  • Addendum of contract can also be created
  • Renewal of contracts


  • Role based review system
  • Storing all review comments as change history
  • Manage versioning of changes
  • Signature only when both parties approves the contract content

Dashboarding and

  • Use pre-built dashboards and analytics for use cases including M & A, procurement, legal and sales, among others
  • With pre-configured dashboards and detailed visualizations, reporting is made simpler


  • Visually track performance against agreed-upon deliverables, milestones and more
  • Track the financial effects of penalty payments and obligation performance
  • Gain knowledge of bottlenecks, ageing, cycle durations and produce reports on obligations that have been denied or are past due


API Developed for third party Integration

Google Drive