Concentrate on your organization’s IT requirements and let Verifiable Contract handle the contracting

Accelerate Execution, Save Costs, Mitigate Risks

Uptime, availability and security are IT’s top objectives, therefore they need to be able to onboard infrastructure suppliers more quickly than ever before and keep an eye on their capacity to uphold agreements and SLAs. IT managers may improve how they collaborate to build new contracts, digitize current agreements, utilize retrospective performance data to negotiate better bargains, track delivery to guarantee tight alignment with business goals and lessen their reliance on legal and procurement.

Simplify Contract

To assist non-specialists in creating risk-free, standardized contracts with enterprise-approved provisions and templates, enable self-service authoring with guided questioning

Ensure Unparalleled Availability, Data Security

By digitizing and saving your contracts in a safe, access-controlled, AWS-hosted cloud environment, you may have anytime, anywhere access to the

Make Contracting Collaborative

Accelerate supplier onboarding by working together with departments like as finance and procurement to redline contracts and then cascade it through a custom process for approvals and signature through integration with top e-signature software


Analyze supplier contracts to find hidden risks like missing GDPR sections and clause deviations, then start amending the contracts to address them